Feels Comfortable! Here’s 9 Bathroom Remodeling Renovations With Tub

Feels Comfortable! Here’s 9 Bathroom Remodeling Renovations With Tub – Many people prefer to bathe in a bath tub compared to using a shower. This is because using a bath tub allows you to relax and release fatigue. This can not be done if you bathe by using a shower.

The above factors also make a lot of people consider to use the bath tub in their bathroom. If you plan to use the bath tub in your bathroom, this article will be very helpful.

In this discussion we will try to explain the idea and concept about bathroom remodeling.Let us consider the explanation below.

bathroom remodeling bathroom renovations

1.Separate Shower and Bath Tub

The spacious bathroom allows you to use the concepts and ideas of this one. The concept will combine bath tub and shower into one in your bathroom. To separate the shower and bath tub, you can use the glass screen as the example above.

Do not forget to put the bath tub adjacent to the bathroom window. Large windows will make the bathroom look more spacious than before.

You can use white as the dominant color for use in the bathroom. The white color will give the impression clean and tidy in the bathroom that you have.

Are you interested in using the above concept?

2.Using Warm Color in Your Bathroom

The use of the right colors can give a warm impression in your bathroom you have. We strongly advise you to use a dark color as a color in your bathroom. You can use black as the color of walls and floors in the bathroom.

This concept is almost the same as the previous design. Only, this one concept does not use a septum to separate bath tub and shower.

We strongly advise you to use the concept and design of this one when having a bathroom with limited space and not too broad.

3.Unique Design for Bathroom Remodeling, Interested To Try?

This concept is perfect for use in narrow-sized bathrooms. The idea of ​​this design is to combine bath tub and shower into one. If you want to use the bath tub and warm water, you can turn off the shower on it.

A design and concept that is very simple and smart to use in a narrow-sized bathroom.

Are you interested in applying it at home?

4.Separate Bathroom From Washbasin

This design will separate your bathroom with the sink. Thus, the water coming from the shower or bath tub will not wet the floor. This concept is perfect for people who do not like the wet bathroom floor.

The thing that needs to be done is to create a septum separating the bath tub / shower with a sink like the example above. We strongly advise you to use a transparent glass screen. This way will give a wide impression in the bathroom you have.

Simple is not it?

5.Combine the Orange and White Colors As Bathroom Remodeling

Most people use white to use in thier bathroom. However, you can still use other colors to use in the bathroom. The color type we recommend here is orange.

Use orange or brown to give a warm impression in the bathroom used. Do not forget to use the dim lights in your bathroom to give a romantic feel.

Lights that are too bright make you feel uncomfortable while you are in the bath tub.

6.Bathroom With Storage Rack

Many people do not have bathrooms with adequate storage shelves. So make towels and other things look messy and not tidy. A simple way to solve the problem is to create a storage rack in your bathroom.

Create a simple storage rack like the example above. Storage racks can be useful to put towels, decorations, and aromatherapy candles.

Do not forget to put flowers beside the bath tub to make the bathroom look more attractive and beautiful.

7.Bathroom For You Who Loves Doing Care

You who like to do body treatments in the bathroom certainly has a lot of equipment in the bathroom. We strongly encourage you to use this concept or design.

You can put a special cabinet made of quality wood like the example above. These cabinets can be used to store a variety of equipment that you have.

You can also put the carpet in the bathroom so it does not feel slippery when you are in it.

Do not use too much decoration in the bathroom!

You just need to use a simple decor. For example, using a painting or something else. Too much use of the decor can make your bathroom feel narrower.

Use white wall paint to give a neat and clean impression in the bathroom.

Which concepts and design do you find most appealing?

You can choose the concept and design that suits your needs. Consider the size of the bathroom before you use any of the above designs. Because, not all the above design is suitable for use in small bathrooms.

We hope the above information about bathroom remodeling can provide a lot of inspiration and benefit to all of you who have read it. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions related to the above topic. We’ll be happy to answer any incoming questions to help with your issue.

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