9 Living Room Decor That You Should Apply In Your Home

9 Living Room Decor That You Should Apply In Your Home – One factor that could make your living room look more attractive is a decor. You need to put a variety of unique and interesting decorations to be placed in your living room. On this occasion we will try to explain to you all about 9 decorative ideas that can be applied in the living room.

Let’s see a full explanation below.

Living Room Decor

1.Decoration For a Narrow Room

If you have a narrow living room, then please use the decorating idea above. Decorations like this will not use many places, because the decoration will stick to the walls of your living room.

Create a storage place like an example above. Here you can put green plants, paintings, and decorative lights to beautify the look of the living room.

You should use dark-colored wall paint to make it look more attractive and elegant.

2.Unique Visible Wall Clock

Using blue as wall paint will benefit you. Blue color can give peace to you who use it. Next, you can put decorations like a large wall clock like the example above. One of the concepts is simple, but it can give an interesting impression to everyone who sees it.

3.Warm Impression in Your Living Room

There is a unique way to give a warm impression in the living room that you have. You can use the gray color as the dominant color in your living room.

You can use gray wall paint, then you can also use the furniture with the gray color like the example above.

Combine the gray and white colors inside your living room!

White color will give a neat and clean impression inside the living room that you have.

4.Looks Fresh and Interesting In Your Living Room

You can put a greenery in your living room to give a fresh and interesting impression in the living room. You should choose a green plant that does not require much care as the example above. Put also some paintings or wall decorations that will further enhance your living room.

Interested in using the above ideas and decorations?

5.Yellow Color that Brighten Your Living Room

The next option you can do is to use yellow to put in the living room. You can use a yellow decor in the living room. For example, by using decorative lights, paintings, and various other decorations with the same color.

Combine yellow with beige color to make it look warm!

Do not forget to put a large window in the living room that will be used as natural lighting in the living room.

6.Living Room is Old, but Looks Modern

You can use the decor and design of the living room as above to give the impression of old and modern in a room.

Put a carpet with unique patterns to use in your living room. Add also some decorative lights in some parts inside your living room. Furthermore, you can also put a storage rack adjacent to the living room wall. Storage racks can be used to put some decorations and collections that you have.

7.Rooms are Limited and Not Too Wide

You can use a concept like our example above, if you have a room that is not too broad. The trick is to use furniture that is not too big in the guest room. You just need to put a minimalist sofa in your living room. Furthermore, you can also put two small chairs as a complement in the living room.

In order to look more beautiful, you can also put green plants in the living room.

Interested to try it?

8.Industrial concept in Your living room

If you want to get a unique and different view of the living room, then please just to use the concept like the one above. This concept is called industrial design in a living room.

You can make the living room wall look like it is made of natural stone and looks old. Furthermore, you can also use a sofa that is black and darker like the one above.

We strongly advise you to consult with architects to get a design of a living room like this. Ask for advice from experts for the results and the industrial concepts you want to be realized optimally.

9.Very Comfortable Living Room to Use

Make a large window to put in a living room. Large windows will be very useful to provide natural light. Thus you can save money and do not have to pay expensive for electricity bills every month.

We also recommend that you use furniture that is white or cream-colored. Both of these colors you can combine in the living room so it looks more attractive and looks warm.

You can invite family and friends to relax in this living room. You can also share stories with your kids here.

Which decor would you be most interested in?

The important thing to note when going to determine the design and concept to use in the living room is a budget owned. Do not let you use ideas and concepts that require substantial funds.

Another thing that is not less important is you should consult with experts in order to get optimal results.

Let’s explain what we can tell you. Hope can give you a lot of inspiration and knowledge to you who have read it.If you feel this article provides many benefits, you can share this article through social media that owned.


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