7 Simple Backyard Patio Designs With Pool, Refresh Your Body Here!

7 Simple Backyard Patio Designs With Pool, Refresh Your Body Here! – The backyard can be used as a gathering place with your family and friends. Here you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the evening and evening with great fun. One more thing to do in the backyard is to swim in available pool. You can create a swimming pool that can be used as a place to freshen up after being tired of working.

Before applying this one idea, make sure you have a large backyard to create a swimming pool. Therefore, the narrow backyard is difficult enough to create a swimming pool in your house.

Here are 9 simple backyard patio designs ideas that come with a swimming pool to freshen up.

simple backyard patio designs

1.Simple Backyard Patio Designs Looking Luxury and Elegant

The example above shows a concept and design of your backyard that looks luxurious and elegant. This concept allows you to have 2 pools in one place. The first pool can be used as a place to soak in warm water and become a place to cool off. Furthermore there is also a larger pool that is useful to refresh your body.

Not only that!

You can also make a fireplace in one corner of your backyard. Invite your partner to come and enjoy time together here.

2.Warm Water!

You can still have a warm water pool in a narrow backyard. The example above proves that the limited space is not a problem to get a pool to soak.

You can create a swimming pool for 2 x 2 meter warm water in your backyard. In order to make atmosphere become more comfortable and soothing, you can plant greenery in some corner of your backyard.

Do not forget to put two chairs that you can use to relax!

In addition, you can also put tables and chairs on the other side that can be used as a place to eat and gather together with family.

3.Amazing Tropical Concept!

If you live in a tropical country, the above concepts and ideas can be a great choice for you to apply in your backyard.

Put a medium-sized palm tree in one corner of the pool and do not forget to put some other green plants. Natural stone that you put on the edge of your pool will further enhance backyard view that you have.

Just like the previous concept, this one pool has two pools that can be used. One swimming pool is used to refresh body and mind, then there is also a swimming pool that is used as a place to relax.

Are you interested in using the above concept?

4.Small Backyard

You will not be able to create a large swimming pool, if you only have a narrow backyard and not too broad. The solution to solve the above problem is to create a narrow-sized pool.

The pool can be used as a place to soak in warm water with your spouse and children.

Do not forget to put a chair in the backyard that will be used as a place to relax together with your partner.

5.Elegant Backyard Look, Want to Try?

It is not difficult to create a backyard that looks elegant and interesting. Ideas and concepts that existed above can be the right solution for you to apply.

You can combine blue and white in your backyard. Do not use too much furniture and decor in your backyard. You just have to put green plants, chairs, and tables in the backyard.

Playing and spending time together here becomes a very fun thing to do.

6.Swimming Pool on the narrow Backyard

If you have a narrow backyard, but still want to have a swimming pool. Then you can apply the concept and design of this one. This one design allows you to have a swimming pool on a narrow and limited land.

Make a swimming pool to be long as the example above. Put also some chairs by the pool which is useful as a place to relax together with family.

In order to look more beautiful and attractive, you can plant green plants in the swimming pool.

Interested to implement the above ideas?

7.Swimming Pool For Large Backyard

You are very lucky to have a large backyard in the house. The spacious back yard allows you to create a swimming pool with any design and concept.

The above concept allows you to have two pools in one place. One pool is used for warm water baths and other pools can be used to refresh your body and mind after the move.

Add some decorations that will further enhance the look of the pool. For example by putting natural stone in pond ponds, planting green plants, and making a shower in the pool.

You and your family can be content to play and swim in a swimming pool like this.

Which ideas and concepts are most interesting?

7 simple backyard patio designs we presented above allow you to get a swimming pool in your backyard. Choose an idea that matches the size of your backyard. Do not use concepts or ideas that do not fit the backyard size.

We hope the above information and explanation can be used as a recommendation for you who are confused to create a swimming pool in the backyard. If you have any questions related to the above topics, please ask us through the comments field below. We will be happy to answer any incoming questions.

Good luck!


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