7 Modest Bathroom Renovation for Your Home

7 Modest Bathroom Renovation for Your Home – The bathroom is one of the favorite places in the house. Because, in the bathroom you can relax in bath tub after work. It is useful to let go of tiredness and relieve stress. Therefore, you need to make a comfortable bathroom.

On this occasion, we will try to explain to you all about 7 modest bathroom renovation that you can consider. What are the interesting designs? Here’s the full explanation for you all.

modest bathroom renovation

1.Make Bathroom Look Larger

Things that are often a problem when going to do the renovation is the size of the bathroom is too narrow and not spacious. The best way you can do is put a large glass in the bathroom. Glass that you put it can make the bathroom look more spacious than before.

We also recommend you to use glass that has a different and unique design like an example above. Unique glass will make the bathroom look more attractive and unique when you’re in it.

Are you interested in applying the ideas above?

2.Bathroom That Looks Very Luxury

Some people want to make the bathrooms in their homes look luxurious and attractive. If you also want to get it, then please just to use the design and concepts like an example above. The thing you need to do is use the bathroom in black as the dominant color.

There are advantages to be gained when you use the concept and design of this one. The bathroom with black color will look dirty easily than the white bathroom.

Do not forget to use the dim light in the bathroom as the example above. This way is proven to give a great impression in your bathroom.

3.Natural Concept in Bathroom

If you want to make the bathroom look natural and natural, then we strongly recommend that you use ideas and concepts like the example above. All you need to do is modify some parts to make them look more interesting and different.

The first thing to do is replace the bathroom wall to be made of natural stone like the example above. Some of the other walls can use good quality wood for durability when used.

You can also use some unique and interesting decorations to put in the bathroom. For example, by using decorative lights like the example above.

The decor and bathroom concept are very interesting to use!

4.Red and White Color in Your Bathroom

If you want to get a bathroom with different nuances and beautiful, then we strongly recommend you to use the concept and design of this one. All you need to do is combine white and red color in the bathroom.

White color will give the impression clean and tidy, while the red color can give a romantic impression in the bathroom.

Interested to implement the idea?

5.Using Gray Color Inside Your Bathroom

Choose a gray color to use in the bathroom you have. This color can give a warm impression when you’re in it. You can also make a concrete block. The adhesive is used to separate the shower and toilet to make it well.

You can also use storage shelves like the example above to put towels and various other decorations.

You who have a narrow room we strongly recommend to use designs and concepts like this. The problem is the concept and design like this is not possible to put the bath tub in it.

Do you want to use this concept?

6.The Bathroom Looks Fresh

There is an easy way that can be done to make the bathroom look fresher. One way that can be done is to put green plants in it. Choose green plants that are not too large to be easy to maintain. The important thing to note is make sure you put the greenery near the window. In this way, the green plants will get enough sunlight.

It is also important to regularly watering ornamental plants!

If you do not like to take care of the green plants and routine take care of it, you should not use the concept and design of this one.

Interested to use the above ideas?

7.Rack Storage in Bathroom Walls

If you have a bathroom that is not too broad or narrow, you should use the concepts and ideas on this one. The thing you need to do is put the storage rack on the bathroom wall like an example above.

Storage rack that serves to put various items and decorations inside your bathroom.

When you have a narrow bathroom, we do not recommend you to put too much stuff in it. Therefore, this will make the bathroom look more narrow and unattractive.

Which design or concept do you find most appealing to apply?

We recommend that you choose the concept or design that suits you. Ask your partner to discuss the concept or design that will be used. Consider also the funds that will be issued when going to do the renovation. Do not choose designs and concepts that do not fit your cost.

That’s the explanation we can tell you all about the 7 modest bathroom renovation that are interesting to apply. We hope the above information can provide many benefits to you all.

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Hope this article inspires and good luck!


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