7 Backyard Covered Patio Designs That Will Beautify Your Home

7 Backyard Covered Patio Designs That Will Beautify Your Home – The back porch of your house is a very comfortable place to relax with family and couples. You can enjoy food and drink while chatting with family here.

Many people use the open concept on the patio they have. However, there are some shortcomings that will be felt when using the open concept in the backyard. Where you will not be able to relax on the terrace when the weather is bad like snow and rain.

To solve the above problems, many people are beginning to use the closed concept on the back porch of your house.

In this explanation, we will try to explain about 7 backyard covered patio designs that you can apply.

Let us consider the explanation below.

backyard covered patio designs

1.Exceptionally Elegant and Luxurious Concept

If you have a large backyard, then you can easily use this one concept. You can make a wall made of natural stone to give a natural and luxurious impression.

Do not forget to make a fireplace on the back porch of your house. This will be very beneficial to warm the body. Put the sofa in gray to give a warm impression inside the terrace.

The last step is you can use the light dimmer like the example above. Flashlight can give the impression of warm and romantic with ease.

2.Watching TV on the Back of House

Many people watch TV in the living room by using a warm sofa. This does not happen with the above concept, because you can put a TV on the back porch of your house. Make a wall made of concrete to put the TV like an example above. At the bottom of the TV can be used to create a fireplace that will warm the body.

It is no less important is you have to put a comfortable sofa to use here.

This place can also be used to hold barbeque parties with your friends and family.

3.Combining Open and Closed Concepts Being One

You can put a comfortable sofa on the back porch of the house like an example above. Next, you can create a fireplace that is useful to warm the body. Not only that, you can also use the fireplace to bake meat and chicken.

Enjoying the atmosphere of the evening with friends and family is a great thing here.

Are you interested in implementing the above ideas?

4.A Very Comfortable Gathering Place With Family

The previous concept is a concept that combines the house and the back porch into one. The design of this one is different, you are required to separate the main building with terrace like an example above.

Here you can put a useful fireplace to warm the body at night. Do not forget to put a sofa on the back porch of your house.

It is no less important that you need to plant a shady tree on the back porch of the house. This will give you a fresh and soothing feel on the back porch of your home.

Relaxing in the morning and afternoon can be the right choice to do here.

5.Backyard Covered Patio Designs That Fresh Ambiance

Having a large backyard will provide many advantages to its owners. One of them is you can build a very beautiful swimming pool like an example above.

You can put the dining table and cushioned sofa on the back porch of your house. Thus, you can enjoy a very romantic dinner with a couple here. While the sofa can be used to relax while chatting with your family.

Trees that are on the back porch will increasingly give the impression fresh and comfortable while you’re here.

6.Feeling Comfortable in Back Porch Anytime!

The concept of this one has very little difference compared with the previous concept. However, the difference could have a very significant impact on an atmosphere of back porch.

The thing to do is put a white curtain that is useful as a curtain. If the sun is too dazzling, then you can close it by using the available curtains.

This will be very useful, if you are often here in the afternoon or afternoon. So, you do not need to feel disturbed by the sun.

7.The Backyard of a Beautiful Home

Do not just pay attention to the comfort factor while designing the back porch. You also need to make the back porch of the house look beautiful and look more attractive with a variety of decorations used.

You can put ornamental plants or flowers like an example above. We guarantee the back porch of your home will look more attractive and beautiful to look at.

The important thing to note is that you must be diligent to care for the plants on the back porch. If you do not do maintenance, then the ornamental plants will wither and eventually die.

Which design is the most interesting to you?

In the above explanation can be seen that the back porch home with a closed concept has many benefits. One of the benefits to be felt is that you do not have to worry when the weather is bad like rain and snow. Because, you can still use the back porch of the house with the family.

In addition, you can also put a comfortable sofa and soft in the backyard. You also do not have to worry if one day the couch is wet because of rain, because it will not happen with the above concept.

We hope the explanation given above can provide many benefits to you who have read it. If you have any questions related to the above topic, please just ask us through the comments field below. We will be happy to answer any incoming questions.

Good luck!


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